Robotic Process Automation

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  Companies across all industries are pumping resources into robotic process automation (RPA). … In functions ranging from IT management to sales and business development, RPA leaders are using the technology to drive efficiencies, boost speed to market and bolster financial performance.


Outcomes of This Course:

1.Learn about Architecture and Studio Infrastructre of Ui Path
2.Learn about Ui path Orchestrator
3.Learn Ui Path Robotic Process
4.Gain skills in Ui-Path work Flow Design
5.Advantages and disadvantages of rpa
6.Finally Learners can Gain Basic skills in what is Ui Path and 7.Learn How to Automate the world Using Ui Path
8.Learn Scope of a RPA and RPA Developer.
Learn about How to install Ui-PATH Studio?
9.Gain Hands-on Practical Learning skills/Exposure in Simple process-browser automation,odd or even,notepad automation.
10.Gain Hands-on Practical Learning skills/Exposure in Intermediate process-Excel automation,pdf automation,Translator automation.
11.Gain Hands-on Practical Learning skills/Exposure in Advanced Industry Level process(Projects):Data scraping & Google form automation
12.Finally you could be able to implement interesting theme RPA Challenge(Email-Automation) and You will become an Advanced Level RPA Developer.

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